Tori gate

  • MISO (Tofu, seaweed, scallion, with hot Miso broth)     1.99
  • MUSHROOM (Mushroom, fried onion, tempura flakes, hot Miso broth)     1.99
  • TOM YUM SOUP (Spicy chilly lemon chicken soup with onion, celery, bell pepper, lime juice, and mushroom)    3.75
  • HOUSE SALAD (lettuce, carrot, purple cabbage, with special Ginger dressing or Peanut dressing     2.75
  • SUMMER ROLLS  (rice pappers wrapped with lettuce, steamed shrimps, vermicelli noodles, mint leaves, served with Peanut sauce)    4.95
  • SEAWEED SALAD (Hiyashi Wakame)     4.75



  • SUNOMONO SALAD  (thin sliced cucumber, krab, topped with some seaweed salad, black sesame seeds, and special rice vingar sauce)     4.95
  • LETTUCE WRAP  (grounded chicken, bell pepper, and water chestnut)    5.95
  • SPRING ROLLS  (wrapped and fried with mixed vegetables)     3.50
  • WICKED AHI  (Tuna wrapped with avocado, topped with fish eggs, black sesame seeds, sauces)   9.75
  • EDAMAME  (steamed green soy beans with salt)      4.25  /  SPICY EDAMAME  4.50


  • GYOZA  (Steamed or fried stuffed pork and vegetables dumplings served with Ponzu Sauce)     5.50
  • SHRIMP TEMPURA  (light-battered tempura style shrimps, vegetables served with Tempura sauce)     7.95
  • VEGETABLES TEMPURA  (light-battered deep fried vegetables served with Tempura sauce)     5.75
  • SASHIMI APPETIZER  (9 assorted pieces of sashimi / chef’s choice)     9.95
  • CHICKEN TEMPURA  (light-battered deep fried chicken and vegetables served with White sauce)     6.25
  • SUSHI SAMPLER  (5 pieces of sushi: tuna, salmon, krab, white tuna, and Tilapia)   9.75
  • TUNA TATAKI  (seared tuna, black sesame seeds, scallion, fish eggs, and Tataki sauce)     11.25



  • PEKING FRIED RICE (stir-fried rice, vegetables with chicken)    $8.95  /  with shrimp  $10.50
  • CHICKEN PAD THAI  (stir-fried noodles, with chicken, bean sprouts, scallion, carrot, egg, paprika spices, served with cabbage)    $8.95
  • CHICKEN SOBA  (stir-fried chicken, vegetables, noodles)    $8.95
  • UDON  (noodles in hot Udon broth with vegtables, chicken, shrimp, fish cake)    $11.95